Ride sight of you - deliverance

I’ve been on many tours with various motorcycle tour companies in Europe; most of which were well worth the money. I’ve also motorcycle toured on my own in Europe several times. However IMTBike, in my opinion, hits the “sweet spot” in terms of the combination of luxury tourism, great riding, and affordability. The accommodation is always interesting and good quality. The riding routes are challenging, which I love, but not so difficult that non-European riders (and passengers) are intimidated. The bikes are in perfect condition and usually almost new. The food is great with a tremendous amount of local content. The IMTBike staff is unfailingly courteous, helpful and patient. I really think IMTBike “has it nailed”!

The Col de Tende is a 1,870m high mountain pass on the French Italian border that connects the city of Nice with the town of Cuneo in the Italian province of Piedmont. The road is no longer frequently travelled as a tunnel through the mountain has since been built, but for the adventure bike rider, days could be spent exploring the networks of old military roads that can be accessed from the top of the Col.

Ride Sight Of You - DeliveranceRide Sight Of You - DeliveranceRide Sight Of You - DeliveranceRide Sight Of You - Deliverance