Protostomia fasciolopsis

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Although some platyhelminths (flatworms) are free-living and nondestructive, many other species (particularly the flukes and tapeworms) parasitize humans, domestic animals, or both. In Europe, Australia, and North and South America, tapeworm infestations of humans have been greatly reduced as a consequence of routine meat inspection. But where sanitation is poor and meat eaten undercooked, the incidence of tapeworm infestations is high. In the Baltic countries much of the population is infested with the broad tapeworm ( Diphyllobothrium latum ); in parts of the southern United States a small proportion of the population may be infested with the dwarf tapeworm ( Hymenolepis nana ). In Europe and the United States the beef tapeworm ( Taenia saginata ) is common because of the habit of eating undercooked steaks or other beef products.

Protostomia FasciolopsisProtostomia FasciolopsisProtostomia FasciolopsisProtostomia Fasciolopsis